The simple CMS

NorthernWind is a simple, lightweight Java™-based Content Management System. Small footprint, easy learning curve and simple infrastructure requirements: perfect for small and medium sized websites.

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Simplicity is the core principle of NorthernWind: "don't use things that you don't need". Simple websites don't need complex technology and bloated deployments. That's why in its simpler configuration NorthernWind is just 8MB of bytecode.

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On the other hand, NorthernWind is expandable. Using Java best practices and relying on Spring, it's easy to replace components or add new ones.

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Filesystem oriented

The core abstraction of NorthernWind is the logical filesystem. Why to use a database when a filesystem is what you need to store your documents? The filesystem can be implemented on different foundations, such a physical filesystem, a .zip file, a Mercurial or Git repository.

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NorthernWind is so simple that it can be easily embedded in another web application. For instance, it can be used as a effective way to publish static contents within a dynamic webapp. Its frontend is available in different technologies: Spring MVC, Vaadin, Wicket. And it's easy to add another implementation based on the web framework you like.

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Based on standards

NorthernWind really likes standards and fully supports HTML5 and CSS3. Thanks to the use of pre-packaged resources integrating frameworks such as Twitter Bootstrap or jQuery is just a matter of minutes.

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