NorthernWind is a simple Content Repository System made in Java™. It has been designed around two basic principles:

  • Keep it simple
  • Don't use things that you don't need

The problem with other existing Java-based products is that they have grown too much: too large the footprint, too demanding the requirements to run them, which usually include setting up a relational database with all the implied stuff (connection pools, ORM, memory, etc.). This, in turn, increases the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and often even the hosting costs for a server capable enough to run them.

This complexity is balanced when the user is a large corporate, with lots of authors, complex workflows and needs; it's just a source of troubles if all you need is to set up and publish a small or middle-sized website. Complexity is a problem for integration too. While many existing Java-based products are open sourced, often the integration of a simple feature requires reading lots of tutorials and code samples and writing too much code.

NorthernWind, in contrast, shrinks everything to the bare minimum. No requirements for a relational database where a filesystem might be enough; the footprint is less than 6 MB; and the APIs are very simple and designed around common Java conventions.

NorthernWind lightness make it possible to embed it, as a library, in an existing webapp, to serve document-oriented parts. For this reason, it offers multiple versions based on popular Java web frameworks such as Spring MVC, Vaadin, Wicket, thus imposing no constraints on your architecture.

While NorthernWind is already being used to publish some websites, including the one you're connecting to in this moment, it's not publicy available yet. Please read our blog to keep in touch.

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