Why are you trying to get in touch with us? If you'd like to file a defect report or to ask for a new feature, you'd better to use the official issue tracker of NorthernWind. Before doing that, please have a look at:

The issue tracker can be reached by clicking on the issue codes listed in the above documents. Posting to the issue tracker requires subscription, while it can be read freely.

If you're looking for information, please also look at the NorthernWind blog. If you're interested in understanding the code or development, please start from the development resources.

There are also a few mailing lists available:


“Developers” is for discussion among developers and changes to the code, or reuse of some parts of NorthernWind in other projects. “Continuous Integration” receives a notification of each commit, failed build or new release of the code, so it's only suggested for people actively participating in development. “Users” (available only if listed in the table above) can be used by people interested in using the software, rather than in developing it. Posting to a mailing list requires subscription, while the archives can be browsed freely.

As a final resort, if everything else fails, you can directly contact the project owner at fabrizio (dot) giudici (at) tidalwave (dot) it.