Project structure

ModuleArtifact IDStatusDescription
NorthernWindnorthernwind NorthernWind is a lightweight CMS that uses a plain filesystem as its storage. It provides versioning by means of a distributed SCM such as Git or Mercurial. Please see the project website for more information: A few examples of websites running on NorthernWind: * * *
NorthernWind (modules)it-tidalwave-northernwind-modulesThe parent POM for modules.
NorthernWind - Core Default Marshallingit-tidalwave-northernwind-core-marshalling-defaultThe default implementation of marshalling for some Core classes.
NorthernWind - Commons for testsit-tidalwave-northernwind-common-testsCommon utilities for running tests.
NorthernWind - Coreit-tidalwave-northernwind-coreContains the interfaces of the Core.
NorthernWind - Core Default Implementationit-tidalwave-northernwind-core-defaultA default implementation of the Core.
NorthernWind - Frontend Componentsit-tidalwave-northernwind-frontend-componentsThe definitions of page components.
NorthernWind - HTML Patchesit-tidalwave-html-patchesSome patched classes for manipulating HTML.
NorthernWind - Frontend Components, HTML Templateit-tidalwave-northernwind-frontend-components-htmltemplateAn implementation of page components based on HTML templating.
NorthernWind - Profilingit-tidalwave-northernwind-core-profilingThis module collects elapsed times for processing requests and builds up some statistics.
NorthernWind - Filesystemsit-tidalwave-northernwind-filesystemThe parent POM for all filesystem modules.
NorthernWind - Filesystems, Basicit-tidalwave-northernwind-core-filesystem-basicThe implementation of some basic filesystems.
NorthernWind - Filesystems, Mercurialit-tidalwave-northernwind-core-filesystem-hgThe implementation of the Mercurial filesystem.
NorthernWind - Frontendit-tidalwave-northernwind-frontendThe parent POM for all front end implementations.
NorthernWind - Frontend Commonsit-tidalwave-northernwind-frontend-commonsUtilities used by the front end implementations.
NorthernWind - Frontend Media Extensionsit-tidalwave-northernwind-frontend-mediaMedia Extensions.
NorthernWind - Frontend, Spring MVCit-tidalwave-northernwind-frontend-springmvcAn implementation of the front end based on Spring MVC.
NorthernWind - Media Frontend, Spring MVCit-tidalwave-northernwind-frontend-media-springmvcAn implementation of the front end based on Spring MVC including Media Extensions.
NorthernWind - Frontend Webappit-tidalwave-northernwind-webappThe parent POM for all webapps, it declares the common dependencies.
NorthernWind - Webapp Commonsit-tidalwave-northernwind-frontend-webapp-commonsCommon resources for webapps.
NorthernWind - Frontend Webapp, Spring MVCit-tidalwave-northernwind-frontend-springmvc-webappA webapp containing the Spring MVC front end implementation.
NorthernWind - Media Frontend Webapp, Spring MVCit-tidalwave-northernwind-frontend-media-springmvc-webappA webapp containing the Spring MVC front end implementation with the Media Extensions.