NorthernWind is composed by four separate subprojects:

Subproject Description Latest version Binaries Sources
NorthernWind The CMS application. It can be downloaded as a war file that can be deployed in any JEE™-compliant web container, such as Apache Tomcat or Jetty.
change log
known defects
NorthernWind Resources Pre-packaged resources for web sites (such as JQuery, Twitter Bootstrap, etc...). 1.7
NorthernWind Site Archetypes Site archetypes are templates for new sites that can be customized. Rather than downloading them, you might be interested in quickly bootstrapping an archetype with Maven.
NorthernWind Zephyr Zephyr is a rich client administration application for NorthernWind - still in experimental stage. 1.1-ALPHA-17

Checking out sources

Alternatively to downloading the source tarballs, you can directly check out sources from the source repository:

hg clone
    hg up -C 1.1-ALPHA-34
hg clone
    hg up -C 1.7
hg clone
    hg up -C 1.10
hg clone
    hg up -C 1.1-ALPHA-17